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Creating a brand visually and brandilly?

Brand Breakdown

A brand is the mental imprint you’ve left on your target market, let me explain. You can have two identical shirts, one with a “swoosh” and one without any markings. The “swoosh” one automatically makes you think its a sport shirt, whereas the latter is a generic shirt with no implied purpose apart from clothing you. Why though? Could it be that the “swoosh” is heavily involved with sporting activities, has sponsored athletes, hosting sporting events, created a culture around sports, encourages you to push yourself, helps you set physical goals, and, and, and? The direction they’ve steered their business has left you with no choice but to think of them as the sporting good supplier that fits your active lifestyle best. You can do the same, you can force your target market to think of you in a way that perfectly aligns with your business vision. All you need to do is create the brand. All we need to do is help you.

Can you create a brand without a strategy?

In short, yes. In long, you’re taking a massive risk not knowing who your target market is, but its easy to find out. All you need is to:

- Know where your target market is
- Find out how they talk
- Where they talk
- Who they talk to
- Who they talk about
- Where they go for fun
- What they enjoy doing on the weekend
- Which movies they like
- What their favourite colour is
- How many friends they have
- Their pets name
- Their income level
- Their pain points
- What makes them happy
- Why they like your or a competitors product/service
- When they go on their socials
- What their interests are
- How they feel when engaging in your field
- How they feel after
- What makes them wait in line
- Who they think of first
- I’d be surprised if you’re still reading
- If you are, then you might as well call us
- And so on…

Now that you have your strategy,

now we can create a design perfect for your business and brand goals. That’s the brand identity, the visual stuff like the logo, packaging designs, posters, cards, and graphics just to name a few.

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