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Leafy Paw

Leafy Paw

It's one thing to take nice photos of products, but you've entered a whole new level of cuteness when there are cats involved. The idea was to create a website that sold plants safe for cats to be around. The owner of leafy paw just so happens to own a couple of the walking fluff balls herself.

The initial stages were to take the photos, keep it simple with a white background, and have the basic e-commerce style. But to be used in someones home, somewhere full of life, it couldn't be boring. It needed depth, it needed to be 3D. We knew what we needed to do and the map was drawn. The website needed more than just the plants, but it needed to show the cats (and other pets) enjoyment and comfort around the plantation. 

Utilising the brand colours and their target market in mind, the copy writing was straight forward, remind the user that their pets are in good hands! Colour selection was a breeze linking the earthy natural tones to the plants and even colour of the cats.

Last but not least, the user interface for both desktop users and phone users was kept in mind to leave their experience feeling smooth and mentally relieving. No one wants a website thats hard to navigate. 

The power of creating a flowing website coupled with proper photography makes the whole experience pleasant and enjoyable. Our 4 P's process is simple.

Planning + Planting + Photography = Perfection

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