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Laver Sydney

Laver Sydney

Seeking to fill a gap in the market, the Laver brand came to life to help its female customer base feel fresh, firm, and confident with their lady bits. But how? The brand needed to create an image worth looking at, something fresh, feminine, and just outright "them". And based on the other options on the market, nothing was hitting the right spot. From the concept creation, all the way to product photography for the website we created, every touch point was designed to focus on satisfying the visual needs of their customer base. 

The question often springs to mind, "how can Apple and Mayberry delivery the thoughts of its clients into a usable logo that makes them smile ear to ear?" (flex). It's easy, we ask the right questions. No matter how much or how little experience you have creating a logo, let alone the entire visual identity, you will never be able to read the mind of your clients. We don't claim to be psychic, we just know how to help you get to where you want to go.

Packaging design for Laver Sydney, wipesLaver scrub product photography

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