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Boston Doughnuts

Boston Doughnuts

A small business with a big vision. Marwa's Cupcakery started off in their kitchen creating some of the fluffiest and flavour filled doughnuts in their area. But it didn't make sense to leave it there. With so much to gain, it was time to ditch the home business and pursue greater heights. They needed to become the small business dream. The meetings started, and within a few minutes, it became clear that their dreams were backed by an intention to follow through with whatever it took. 

They wanted everything redone, apart from the doughnuts. The socials had to change, their lack of website had to change, their business name had to change (now Boston Doughnuts). You name it, they changed it. 

Changing the logo meant also considering everything they thought it would go on, so the packaging design was created in parallel to the brand identity. The goal was to create something the team would be proud of, something they'd present with happiness for when they finally make it to the big leagues. And voilah, the identity was born. Logo, colours, fonts, banners, shop front, packaging, socials, graphics, the list goes on. Now they're the leading doughnuts producer in all of Basshill and its surrounding areas. 

Boston doughnuts website design

Boston doughnuts banner design
Boston doughnuts banner flyer

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