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Berry Boost

Berry Boost

Where do we start with this one... With the emerging of Ai, being a design has never been harder. The good thing is, we don't claim to be the worlds best designers (up for debate), but we do know how to create an identity based upon the brand the business envisions itself to become. 

So why did Ai pop up in this story? Ai has become the easy road to take for many since you can generate really complex designs/artworks in seconds. But thats the issue, anyone can generate anything, and anything can be generated. So how do you know what works and whats a waste of time? Brand strategy plug incoming. A brand strategy is the best way to make sure you're talking to your customers. Its the guide, the map, the helping hand that gives you insight into the direction you're planning on taking. 

Ai can't scan the location to see if there are guys around, or if there's a zoo nearby, or what the competition is doing... not yet. But we can, and we did. There was so much praise about the overall design of the business that it reminded people about Bondi and the vibe they get from a health store. Brand identity achieved.

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